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  In 1992, Mr. Stewart formerly known as “Lenky”, built his very own on speaker box; which he named Black Eagle. Lenky’s nephew Mr.Watson, and his friends would travel around their town, Bull Bay, in Jamaica playing music for all to hear. Mr. Watson migrated to the United States a few years later with the passion for music still burning within. In 2006, he started a record label with his high school friends named ‘Jamrock Da Movement’. However, the joint venture didn’t last long and in 2010, Mr. Watson decided to part ways. In 2015, he went back to Jamaica where his uncle Lenky encouraged him to not give up on music. In November 16th, 2015, Mr. Watson founded Black Eagle and signed its first artist, Ricardo Rowe, also known as Kratos. In March of 2016, Kratos released his first single, ‘Tip a di Rifle,’ which is available on every major outlet. The summer of that year, Kratos released his first music video Tip A Di Rifle in Jamaica. In April 2017, Black Eagle’s business manager, Shaquilla Parker, advised Mr. Watson to extend the nature of his business with the addition of Mr. Hall his brother; Black Eagle then became Black Eagle Records. Black Eagle Records not only focuses on producing quality music but quality entertainment as well as working with young artists. Black Eagle Records has signed a few more artists in 2018. While it’s first artist, Kratos, has released over 10 songs.



Black Eagle Records genre of music is Reggae/Dancehall. However the company still covers Rap, hip hop, Pop, Rock and alternatives.  


Black Eagle Records have  a few recording artist which can be booked through this website.


All clothing items are BLACK EAGLE original brad which can be purchase on this website.

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